Monthly Videos

Portland Bagua monthly videos are offered on a monthly basis. Over the year the basics of our system will be broken down in detail and explained. The topics will cover:

  • Single palm change
  • Small palm changes
  • Swimming body palms
  • Straight lines 1-3
  • Nei gong
  • Throwing
  • Entry methods

The focus of the videos will be breaking down the details of the forms, and integrating throws into the applications, which is a slightly different perspective than seen in most seminars.
If you are interested in joining, email me a little about yourself and who you are studying with.


Anyone is welcome to join. Only forms and solo exercises are shown. Length is 20-30min.
$30 Subscribe Now


Open to students already associated with Portland Bagua. Includes forms, solo exercises, applications and corrections. Length 50-60min
$45 Subscribe Now

Content must be viewed sequentially.

1. Send an email stating which (Beginner or Intermediate/Advanced) course, make sure you have a working email linked to a YouTube account.
2. I will send you a confirmation email.
3. Use the Paypal button on the website

If you have any questions email Matt at [email protected]