Class Schedule

Private Zoom Classes:
Contact Matt for availability

Alberta Park Class:
Sunday 10am
Led by Shawn Segler and Matt Franklin

Weekly Online Classes:


Evening practice classes – each $10
Weekend classes – each $15
Unlimited Classes $140/month

Online Class Schedule

Saturday 12pm (Advanced Class - by invitation only, and Portland Bagua students)

Saturday 10am (basics class - combination lecture and practice,This class will provide the details and instructions for the evening practice classes) open to all

Monday 6pm (practice class - palm changes & tien gann) open to all

Wednesday 6pm (neigong & circle walking) open to all

Class duration range from 1 hr to 1.5 hrs

For additional Info contact Matt Autrey at

Pay for classes on-line here

Please call or email for specifics on the location and times.